Board and Equipment Demo



We aim to provide the best boards and equipment in the industry. During an one-hour demo session, we will discuss the board and equipment that best fit your needs and choose three different boards for you to demo. You can either demo 1 for 45 minutes or 3 for 15 minutes each your choice. Demo sessions are up to 3 people maximum so we can spend the proper amount of time with you.

Onsite demo condition: Because we operate in a marina with beginner sailers and power boater, you must qualify as a competent paddler before you can rent and paddle on your own. We do this for the safety of all boaters and we do not turn away people just because they are not yet competent.

Demo Requirement:

All paddlers must either have taken an Intro to SUP class from Mike's Paddle or another school (need to show proof).

Or you can take a skills assessment, the assessment is free. If you are going to take a skills assessment, you must also call ahead and reserve the time.

1. Must be able to paddle 50 yards in a straight line - can paddle on both sides.

2. Must be able to stop with less than four strokes after paddling 50 yards.

3. Must be able to turn the board 180 degrees with less than 2 sweep strokes.