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imagine surf connector 2015/2016

Imagine Surf Connector

2015 version 14x27 New $2499 used $1999

2016 version 14x30 new $2499

The Connector is designed by Dave Kalama who is the pioneer of SUP downwind paddling. Dave has been designing and testing downwind boards and winning downwind races since the beginning of modern day SUP as we know it. What makes downwind paddling fun and rewarding is the glide you get when you hook up a bump and are able to connect from one bump to another and string together a long ride with tons of glide. To do this you need a board that gets you on the bumps, and allows you to stay on the bumps. Its all about the right kind of rocker, outline and rail shape. You also need a board that accelerates fast and is stable enough to handle the messy sea state that downwind conditions throw at you. The Connector is a combination of all of these design needs rolled up into a clever board to allow you to have as much fun as possible during a downwind run. And take it from us downwind paddling and racing is allot of fun.

sic maui bullet 2013

SIC Bullet 2013 14’0X27 new $1999 used $1799

With the A.S.S rudder system

Such an awesome board we had to bring it back!!! 

This race-horse was created for the SIC Race- Team who demanded the fastest, yet stable board with ultra-quick acceleration and su- perior control. Incidentally, open-water race boards have al proven to make for some of the most versatile  tness and touring boards. They are designed to handle any condition mother nature can throw your way.