Monthly Beginner

Social Paddles

Saturday or Sunday 11am to 1pm

Come join the community of paddlers on our monthly social paddles! Beginner paddles is 11am to 1pm (2 hours) about 2 - 5 miles depending on the ability of the group. We'll start at Mike's Paddle and head towards open bay either towards Bay Bridge or Oakland Airport. Refreshments and snacks will be served after the paddle! Social Paddles are free for members! Many of our social paddles are holiday weekends and we encourage you to wear costumes!

Rental rates are $25/hr for board, leash, paddle and PFD. Wetsuit rentals are $10. 

First time paddlers: please sign up for our Intro to SUP instead.

3/19/2017 Sunday Social Paddle

3/26/2017 Sunday Social Paddle

4/2/2017 Sunday Social Paddle

4/16/2017 Sunday Easter Social Paddle

4/22/2017 Saturday Earth Day Social Paddle

5/7/2017 Sunday Cico de Mayo Social Paddle

5/13/2017 Saturday Mother's Day Social Paddle

6/4/2017 Sunday Social Paddle

7/2/2017 Sunday Independence Day Paddle


8/6/2017 Sunday Social Paddle

9/4/2017 Labor Day Social Paddle

10/8/2017 Sunday Social Paddle

10/29/2017 Sunday Halloween Social Paddle

11/5/2017 Sunday Social Paddle

11/26/2017 Sunday Thanksgiving Social Paddle

12/10/2017 Sunday Social Paddle

12/25/2017 Christmas Day Social Paddle


Women's Social Paddles

Monday 10am to 12pm

Thursday 10am to 12pm

Come paddle with a group of local women who love the water as much as you do! Our Thursday social paddle for women is lead by Isabella Wilk. The paddle is between 2-4 miles. It is free for Mike's Paddle members and those who bring their own board and equipment. $20 for non-members who need to rent. Must have experience paddling - know how to self rescue (fall off the board and get back), paddle straight for 100 yards and stop, be able to turn.