Intro to SUP Touring

Level 2 - $80, 3 hours

Situated in the serene Ballena Bay of Alameda, we provide a tour of the San Francisco Bay with spectacular views of the SF skyline, bay bridge, treasure island, Crown Beach and the USS Hornet. 

We start our tours in the beautiful inlet of Ballena Bay in Alameda, teach you a few pointers and you'll be standing up in minutes. Then we take you through Ballena Bay, watching shorebirds and pelicans fly by. After that a leisurely paddle along the Crown Point Beach with heated warm bay due to the shallow depth. Sweeping views of San Francisco skyline, bay bridge, the Peninsula and more! 

2017 Dates  Sat 4/29/2017, Sun 5/28/2017, Tue 7/4/2017, Sun 7/30/2017, Sun 8/27/2017, Sat 9/23/2017, Sun, 10/29/2017.