2016 Glide Godspeed Used 12'6"x27.5"


2016 Glide Godspeed Used 12'6"x27.5"

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Bringing even greater speed and glide performance to the table, the Glide Godspeed 14'0” paddleboard puts the competition behind you. Designed for conditions of all types, this elite racing SUP manages flatwater, chop, and downwind conditions with ease. The unique bow shape with high volume through the nose allows the front of the board to ride high, cutting through water for a smooth ride while the deck easily sheds water. Pulling design influence from international kayak racing, Glide race boards are unlike any on the market. Handcrafted using a proprietary laminating process, the Godspeed race SUP provides incredible stiffness at a light, 26 lbs. A matte race finish then increases speed and glide performance by breaking the surface tension. The unique rail system limits rocking and increases efficiency for ultimate race performance. 

The Glide Godspeed is constructed with a stringerless core for a lighter weight board. However, stiffness is not compromised one bit. Carbon fiber lays on top and bottom for lightweight stiffness. The Godspeed comes with a Futures Keel Fin. 

- Squash Tail for Stability
- Matte Race Finish
- Carbon Fiber Top and Bottom
- FCS ‘Easy Carry’ Handle

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