Taiwan 2018

Beginner SUP and Surf

8 DAYs 7 nights SUP JOURNEY IN THE tropics FOR $2000

We have chosen  great beginner friendly locations on the South Coast and East Coast. After a day of touring in Kaohsiung and sampling great food (sit down and street) of markets, we head over the the South Coast/East Coast in a private van. Our accommodation is an ocean-facing bnb. We have family and single rooms. Depending on the conditions, we will either paddle right in front of the house or take the private van to locations that are only known to local paddlers. Because we have a private van and driver, the options are limitless! If you are not into paddling/surfing 6 days straight, don't worry we can take you to various local sites of interest. 


Water Temp: 75F – 82F      Climate: 77F – 89F

Trip date: 1/14/18 to 1/21/18

Flight: SFO to Kaohsiung typically cost between $600 and $1200 depending on the airline.