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That's right we have a race team! Don't be scared, our race team is about the spirit of Ohana (Hawaiian word for family) and sharing the stoke. Race team members range from beginners to locally or nationally ranked racers. We practice together, laugh together and sometimes cry together. We're also all about healthy food! Each practice has one of our designated cooks to bring delicious and nutritious food directed by our on-staff nutritionist Suzie Lee! 

Team Practices

Team practices are every two weeks for 3 hours. During a month, one of the practices is based in Mike's Paddle and the other is based out of another location in the Bay Area. Transportation is either provided or we carpool to another location. The format of the practices can vary but general it is as follows.

Mike's Paddle Location Practice

  • Hour 1: Info, land warm up and paddle warm up
  • Hour 2: PaddleFit either on the beach or on water (see PaddleFit class)
  • Hour 3: 2-4 mile paddle

Bay Area Location Practice

  • Note: this practice could take up to a whole day due to distance travelled
  • Hour 1: Info, land warm up and paddle warm up
  • Hour 2-3: Long paddle (this paddle could be a flat water paddle, a downwind paddle or surf depending on the season and conditions)

Required Team Regional Races

You signed up for the team, so now you gotta race right? We have all the logistics worked out for regional races. We organize rental houses, food and transportation for races in the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe and beyond! The 2017 required Regional Races for team members are:

  • At least two of the Mike's paddle Sunday Fun Races
  • At least two of the 101 Surf Sports Races
  • Tahoe Nalu Paddle Festival - August 12 and 13, 2017
  • Battle of the Bay by Bluerush Surf Sports - September 23, 2017
  • Alameda Islander by Mike's Paddle - October TBD

Team Member Commitments and Benefits


  • Must represent Mike's Paddle with the spirit of Ohana and sharing the stoke
  • Must attend at least one of the team trainings each month
  • Must race/support/attend in above required regional races (you don't have to race)
  • Must wear Mike's Paddle jersey and hat in races
  • Volunteer to help support the team in a way that you feel comfortable
  • Team fees are $40 per month to support team expenses such as food and transportation


  • Belong to a great community of paddlers!
  • Be in the know for team only paddles and trips
  • Half price in race/downwind/premium board membership $60/mo (usually $120/mo)
  • Team pricing for boards, paddles and gear (30-50% off retail pricing)

2017 Race Practice Dates and Locations 

Please note that practice dates and locations may change due to conditions.

1/7/17    Sat    1:00PM-4:00PM    Redwood City        
1/14/17    Sat    101 Surf Sports    San Rafael            
1/22/17    Sun    1:00PM-4:00PM    Cancelled        
2/4/17    Sat    1:00PM-4:00PM    Mike's Paddle    6 Miles    Slack 12:08 to Flood
2/19/17    Sun    1:00PM-4:00PM    Mike's Paddle to San Leandro    8 Miles    Slack 1:34 to Flood
3/4/17    Sat    1:00PM-4:00PM    Mike's Paddle    6 Miles    Flood 1:34 to Slack 5pm
3/19/17    Sun    9:00AM-12:00PM    Mike's Paddle to Treasure Island    8 Miles    Flood 7:22 to Slack 11:36
4/1/17    Sat    2:00PM-5:00PM    Mike's Paddle    Jen Fuller Body Mechanics and Paddle Stroke Clinic
4/16/17    Sun    9:00AM-12:00PM    Mike's Paddle    2 Miles or 6 Miles    Slack 10:04 to Flood 12:44
5/6/17    Sat    2:00PM-5:00PM    Mike's Paddle to Bay Farm Bridge or San Leandro  Downwind 5 or 10 Miles    Ebb 12:22 to Slack 3:50
5/21/17    Sun    9:00AM-12:00PM    Mike's Paddle    2 Miles, 8 Miles, or 16 Miles    Slack 8:41 to Ebb 11:44
5/27/17    Sat    Cal 100 Race    Redding, CA    100 miles   Cancelled
6/3/17    Sat    2:00PM-5:00PM    Treasure Island to Emeryville   Downwind 3 Miles    Slack 2:50 to Flood 6:24
6/18/17    Sun    9:00AM-12:00PM    Mike's Paddle   2 Miles, 6 Miles, or 16 Miles    Ebb 10:14 to Slack 1:12
7/1/17    Sat    1:00PM-5:00PM    Crissy Field to AT&T Park or Mike's Paddle   5 Miles, 8 Miles or 13 Miles    Slack 1:30 to Flood 5:02
7/16/17    Sun    9:00AM-12:00PM    Mike's Paddle    2 Miles, 6 Miles, or 16 Miles    Ebb 8:30 to Slack 11:46
8/5/17    Sat    2:00PM-5:00PM    AT&T to Oyster Point    Downwind 8 Miles    Slack 12:57 to Ebb 3:24
8/12/17    Sat    Tahoe Nalu 1, 5, 10 mile    Lake Tahoe    1, 5, 10 Miles    
8/20/17    Sun    9:00AM-12:00PM    Crissy Field to Alcatraz RT    6 Miles    Flood 9:41 Slack 12:51
9/2/17    Sat    2:00PM-5:00PM    Mike's Paddle    2 Miles, 6 Miles or 16 Miles   Ebb 12:58 to Slack 3:56
9/17/17    Sun    9:00AM-12:00PM    Sausalito to Angel Island RT    10 Miles    Flood 8:35 Slack 11:39 Ebb 2:34
9/23/17    Sat    Battle of the Bay    San Francisco    
10/7/17    Sat    2:00PM-5:00PM    Mike's Paddle    2 Miles, 6 Miles, or 16 Miles    Slack 1:02 Flood 4:10
10/21/17    Sat    Alameda Islander    Alameda Islander    1, 3, 8, 16 Miles    
10/22/17    Sun    Alameda Islander    Alameda Islander    1, 3, 8, 16 Miles    
10/28/17    Sat    Chattack 31 miles    Tenessee    31 Miles    Optional

Apply for the team now!

Please talk to our head coach, Mike Wang. Call 415-867-6542 or email