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Focus Marlin

focus marlin

14’0X30" NEW $2355 USED $1899

12'6"X30" NEW $1655 USED $1799 OUT OF STOCK

The MARLIN is a great expedition board designed for open ocean conditions and windy days on the lake.

At 30″ wide and 14′ long, this board is super stable and great for cross fit training. With 305 liters and a well designed planning haul, it easily handles any bumps and assures excellent tracking and gliding abilities. Grab your gear, throw it on the deck plug tie-downs and go on your long distance joy rides.

Boardworks Raven


12'6"X30 new $1549

11'6"X29 NEW $1499 

The award winning Raven has been Boardworks most popular model for many reasons. Designed for glide and stability in flat or choppy water, it is the perfect all purpose board for lakes, bays, harbors, and deep docile rivers.


Beautiful bamboo veneer and First Nations inspired graphics
Includes a LiftSUP handle for easy portage and tie downs for bringing gear
Ideal for touring, fitness, and recreational racing