2022 Spring Buyers Guide

Tips on Getting this Season

The past two years have been challenging for all retailers. Supply chains have been disrupted at the raw material level all the way to local delivery interruptions. We have been lucky that during the height of all restrictions out activities were minimally effected compared to other businesses. We're thankful to have all our group activities back this season, however retail will still be a challenge due to manufacturing and shipping issues still effecting our industry. Here are some tips if you are looking to get a new gear this year:

Planning is Everything

Pre-Orders: If you know exactly what board you want, consider pre-ordering from a dealer before inventory begins to arrive. For 2022 manufactures only had the capacity to produce board  that dealers (like us) placed "Pre-Season" orders for. It is extremely unlikely we could get 2022 models produced for "on-demand" orders this year. 

Inventory will move Fast: Once boards start arriving to the US, they will sell very quickly especially through online sales. We sold over 50 boards online to customers in remote areas where there are no local surf shops. We try our best to favor local customers, but as our online presence grows more and more customers will be shopping from the same inventory. Especially on popular boards like the SIC Okeanos and the Starboard Generation. Last year we received 12 Starboard Generations very late in the season and we sold all of them in less than 3 weeks split between online and local orders.

Prices Increases: We still have some new inventory from last year still priced at 2021 costs (mainly race boards, surf boards, board bags, and wetsuits). Prices for 2022 will be higher to inflated costs for shipping containers as well as other issues. If you need some new gear (like a wetsuit, PFD or board bag) you might want to get now to save on the price buying it later in the season. Feel free to let us know and we can help you out!

Estimated Time for Board Arrivals

According to our reps the current projected arrivals:

SIC Inflatables: April
SIC Composite: June/July
Surftech Composite: April/May
Infinity Epoxy: April/May
Infinity Race: June/July
Infinity Surf: August/September
Starboard Composite: July/August