image of Starboard Generation SUP paddleboard


ne of the most sought after boards since its debut in 2020, the Starboard Generation is such a fantastic board for paddlers in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's been a difficult board to find due to the supply chain crunch the outdoor sports industry is facing. 

What makes it so awesome?

Unique Hybrid Shape: The Generation has a recessed deck and rounded V nose shape like a touring/raceboard with the entry rocker and uniform rail thickness that you would find on a SUP surf board. This make it a super stable and strong paddler in flatwater while also allowing the board to surf larger swell with out nose diving.

Great Versatility for Bay Area Paddlers: While we are lucky to be surrounded by water here in the Bay Area, the different waterways all have different conditions. We have experience ocean swell on the bay, we have protected lakes and the estuary close by, and we also have surf spots from SF to Santa Cruz. The Generation is a great board for the paddler that wants to take it everywhere, but only wants one board aka the "1-board quiver." It's fast enough to race, stable enough to paddle out on the ocean/bay, and it's nimble enough to surf on the coast or on downwind swell.

Light weight and Eco Friendly: Made with their LiteTech construction these boards are a perfect blend of cost, durability, and performance. All LiteTech boards use sustainably sourced Alpine pine to add extra impact resistance and stiffness to the board with out adding alot of extra weight.

To quote SUPBoarder: "The Starboard Generation is one of those boards that can do so much for so many different people. From racing to surfing, touring, flatwater and ocean paddling, the Starboard Generation really does offer something for everyone. And it’s a board that we could all do with in our dream board collection!"

Come try it out!

While internet reviews are great to learn about gear, the best thing to do is come down to the shop and try it out on the water! With all boards there is a level of personal preference and the best way to figure out if will work for you is to try it out!