Inflatable Board Guide

Inflatable boards change the game when it comes to ease of taking your board anywhere. Just roll them up into their backpack, throw in the trunk or take on the plane and you can paddle anywhere! At Mike's Paddle, we carry a few different brands of inflatable boards to provide different paddlers with different options! There's an inflatable board for everyone, no matter what kind of paddling you're doing. Check out this guide for a quick overview on some of the inflatable boards we have available. Remember we highly recommend you demo any board before buying!

image of SIC Maui RS air glide inflatable SUP paddle board

SIC Maui 2021 RS Air-Glide
Best Race Inflatable

Available in a 12’6” or 14’ length and various widths, the RS Air-Glide series has just gotten even better, lighter, and faster. It gets its dimensions from the award-winning RS composite boards, which have been translated into the RS Air-Glide geometry.

These boards continue to serve up only the best in displacement shaped, all-water, multidiscipline inflatables. These are the most competitive - yet fun - performance fitness, touring, and race boards on the market today. 

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image of Starboard Tikhine Wave igo inflatable SUP paddle board

Starboard 11'2″ Tikhine Wave iGO
Best All-Around Inflatable

Not only one of Starboard's most popular boards, but arguably one of the most beautiful boards out there with special artwork designed by Sonni Honscheid.

The iGO boards are known to be steady, having good speed and being super easy to turn while stepping back onto the wide tail area. The board’s straight outline helps to paddle straight and you can paddle more strokes on one side before you need to swop over, which also helps comfort and even increases the overall speed.

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image of Tahe Beach SUP Yak inflatable SUP paddle board

Tahe Beach SUP-YAK 11'6"
Most Adjustable Inflatable

This awesome board allows an amazing flexibility for 1 or 2 person use. With a 450lb max load, there’s plenty of capacity for kids, pets, and gear.

Available elevated seats, footrests, and hybrid paddles convert this paddle board to a kayak in seconds. The innovative design of this board combines comfort and convenience for endless playtime on the water whether standing, sitting, or lounging around.

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