Mike's Paddle Redwood City

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We're open for business! 

  • Location. We're located in the wonderful Westpoint Harbor, surround by natural islands (Greco & Bair Islands), bay sloughs, wildlife (lots of birds), and a great place to paddle!
  • Hours. For the rest of 2021 season, we're open from Thursday to Sunday, 9am to 3pm. We are considering winter hours depending on the volume of business, most likely opened on the weekends! Check out our contact page for the most up to date business hours. 
  • Services offered. We're offering kayak and SUP rentals, intro paddle board classes (every Saturday at 9:30am), private kayak and SUP lessons. 

Staff & Instructors

Fortunately, we have some staff who are already interested in working there and we're always looking for more!  Come visit us!

  • Mike Wang (Owner) - Thursday, Friday and some Saturdays
  • Estevan Espinoza (RWC Manager) - Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Jordan Holst (Staff/Instructor) - Saturday, Sunday
  • Sam Green (Staff/Instructor) - Saturday
  • Chris Churilo (Instructor) - Saturday
  • Victoria Anweiler (Youth Program Director) - As needed, getting ready for summer camp 2022!


We have a great low dock for launching kayaks and SUPs, dock blocks are being build to house more kayaks and SUPs.

Dock Storage coming soon!