starboard wedge SUP paddle board
starboard wedge paddleboard SUP surf board
starboard wedge SUP paddle board
starboard wedge paddleboard SUP surf board
starboard wedge paddleboard SUP surf board
starboard wedge SUP paddle board
starboard wedge paddleboard SUP surf board
starboard wedge SUP paddle board
starboard wedge paddleboard SUP surf board
starboard wedge paddleboard SUP surf board


2024 Starboard Wedge

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The Wedge range features a lineup of paddleboards that are all 32’’ wide to provide float and stability for heavier riders to rip, offering that pro performance and feel without compromising stability or volume. This is a versatile range for big to small conditions, best suited for beginner and intermediate riders.

- Narrow nose outline:  The narrow nose outline helps you generate speed, limits the nose from catching through turns and fits in tighter pockets in the wave.
- Low nose rocker:  Helps get into waves easily and early.
- Thin rail profile: Thinner rails on the 8’7” and 9’2” gives the Wedge its pro level performance with faster surfing speeds, better grip, and turning capabilities. 
- Mono concave: Generates lift, drive and speed as it channels the water from nose to tail, through to double concave for sensitive rail to rail turning from the midpoint, through to vee tail for reactive pivot turning on the tail.
- Rounded pin tail: The pin tail makes it easier to engage and sink the tail for faster bottom turns and top turns with more drive. Rounded tail also gives the board a better drive out of the turns.

Composition: Limited Series
- Twin T-stringers made from glass fibre are positioned on the deck and bottom of the board close to the rail, providing a massive increase in the overall strength against total breakage in surf.
An additional wide layer of 200g glass wraps the rails for higher strength against paddle impact and further reinforces the overall strength against buckling.
- The deck features reinforced biaxial glass and Australian pine, to resist heel dents and impact from the standing area.
- The nose and tail are wrapped in multiple layers of glass fiber for further strength on these impact zones.

Composition: Blue Carbon
- Top grade 150g Biaxial Carbon wraps the entire board, joining with an overlap on the deck and bottom to create flat stringer, increasing the total breakage strength.
- 2 skins of durable fibre glass form a sandwich around the biaxial Carbon, protecting the carbon by dampening and absorbing the impact.
- Multiple reinforcements in the standing area, nose and tail increase impact resistance.

Composition: Starlite
- Ultra-durable, scratch and impact resistant woven 200g twill azure rail protection.
- The combination of twin T-stringers deck and bottom to protect against total breakage. The T-stringers are positioned close to the rail working like an i-beam to endure heavy drops and strong wipeouts.
- Starlite now features a full deck of 0.6mm Australian pine wood which is sandwiched between 2 glass outer skins, increasing the overall total breakage strength and reducing the weight due to lower resin absorption.

" We were blown away by the performance capabilities of the Wedge. The board feels a lot smaller and compact than the specifications make it out to be and this is because of the pulled in tail, consistent rocker line, bottom contours and the thinner rail profile. The Wedge could well be a SUP surfing quiver killer for beginner to intermediate SUP surfers." - Sup Boarder Magazine

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