Save $$$ and get that SUP Pass for just $299!

November to April (6 months) 

Instead of paying month to month, you can pay for a 6 months pass.

  • Basic Rental Membership $299
  • Premium Rental Membership $399

SUP Pass Benefits

  • A board will always be here for you. No storage issues, no carrying the board, no worries!
  • Discounts on retail items, partnerships in yoga studios/gyms and other vendors!
  • Discounts on specialty clinics and members-only trips!

Basic Rental Membership $299 for 6 months

  • Best deal in the bay area, you get to paddle as much as you want. 

Premium Rental Membership $399 for 6 months 

  • Premium Boards: Tour, Downwind and Race boards
  • We have some of the best premium boards in the industry! If you are interested in purchasing the right board for you, this is the way to go. Typically it takes a few sessions in the right conditions for folks to get used to a new board. Definitely try it before you spend $2000 for a premium board!
  • Rentals: Unlimited basic and premium board rentals.

Membership Rules:

  • No sign up fees.
  • All members must have taken an Intro to SUP class or have been evaluated by an instructor.
  • Evaluation: must be able to paddle against 10 knot wind, 100 yards in a straight line, stop within 10 yards while going full speed, and self-rescue.
  • Membership dues may increase based on inflation from year to year if you maintain a current membership.