Jen Fuller's Body Mechanics and Paddle Stroke Clinic with Team Mike's Paddle


Jen Fuller is a long time bay area fitness guru and elite paddler. We're excited to have her come and do a specialty clinic on body mechanics and paddle stroke! This is going to help our team members not the race team but it will definitely help all of the paddlers at Mike's Paddle!

April 1st with Jen Fuller
Body Mechanics and Paddle Stroke

Cost $25

Hi Everyone,
Some of you know me, and some of you don’t. Regardless let me introduce myself. My background is in physiology and human movement along with teaching and coaching athletes, 6 years of intense SUP racing and before that various sports including a spot on the US Olympic Windsurfing team.

I have been an exercise therapist for the past 15 years specifically using the Egoscue method plus my background in bodywork and teaching.
You can imagine what I think about when I paddle! Yikes, geek out! Really I constantly think about how to help explain paddle mechanics and how
to correct problem areas for people whether they paddle or not. What I have observed over the years is that one can teach the paddle
stroke until they are blue, but what if someone has a replaced hip or knee or something else that hinders the normal mechanical patterns? Yes, that includes being a spaz!

Here is where my approach comes in. First, when I work with someone or a group, I identify where the person/s is compensated. Helping correct as many compensations sets a functional foundation for more easily understanding and experiencing a solid paddle stroke, or whatever sport a person does. The principals I will share have worked for me over a lifetime of training and competition, all of which are extensively tested in the field and some in the lab. What we will do on Saturday April 1st is first make sure to have some good April fools Jokes up your sleeve. 2nd we will do what I call an alignment class where I will take you through some exercises you probably have not seen before. This will inevitably bring up a discussion on what you could and could not do easily and of course during class, lots of questions come up. Before we get on the water to
paddle I’ll take you through my favorite pre-race or adventure warm up.
I am really excited to have you all join me and I look forward to sharing what has helped me stay on the competition and activity game for a long time. If you have any questions or special requests let me know.