Meet Your Instructor: Nicole Harrow

At Mike's Paddle we have incredible teachers and we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know a few through this series. In this segment, we meet Nicole Harrow of Wild Meditations based in Walnut Creek. She is one of our SUP Yoga teachers offering Half-Day Sup Yoga retreats (there is still time to join her this weekend by registering here) and Boga Yoga Flows. She will also be leading a trip to Croatia this August. You can see her full schedule here.  Learn more about why she loves SUP Yoga and what her favorite experience on the water has been thus far. 

Mike's Paddle SUP Yoga Instructor Nicole Harrow.

Mike's Paddle SUP Yoga Instructor Nicole Harrow.


1) Why do you love SUP Yoga?
It leaves me feeling exhilarated and connected with myself and nature.

2) Paint the picture of one experience on the water that you'll never forget?
 We were out on the bay one November morning. The water was calm and clear. A low layer of clouds covered the horizon, giving the feeling that we were in open water with no cities nearby. When I started the class a light drizzle began to fall. We continued to practice and slowly the rain began in earnest. Instead of stopping the class there was a feeling of invigoration and connection. As we raised our arms to the sky we laughed and stuck our tongues out to taste the rain! Then this magical thing happened. A seal came to observe the class! Half of his body came out of the water…he stayed like that for some time…watching us play :)

3) What do you want all your friends to know about SUP Yoga?
It is fun!! When you practice SUP yoga you feel like you are LIVING life!!

4) When you bring students onto the water, what is your main message to them? 
Open your eyes, allow everything in. Fear may come in…and this is our opportunity to play with it!

5) What's your favorite element that you connect with in your SUP Yoga practice? 
That is hard!! I have two. The feeling of the sun resting on my skin, and the sound of the water as it laps against the board.

6) What's your SUP Yoga spirit animal/creature and why?
The Pelican. There is something ancient and magical about these birds. I almost always see them when we practice at Mikes paddle. When they fly by I am reminded of dinosaurs, of the freedom of flight, of the fearlessness when they plunge into the ocean in pursuit of fish! They inspire me to be daring, raw and graceful!!

7) What's your favorite SUP yoga pose?
Standing Splits. 

8) Where would your dream SUP Vacation be?

9) Anything else you'd like to share with the Mike's Paddle community? 
I am so honored to be at Mike’s paddle and to share this sacred experience with all of you!!