Meet Your Instructor: Nicolette Tura

(Image: Jenn Heflin Photography)

(Image: Jenn Heflin Photography)

At Mike's Paddle we have incredible teachers and we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know a few through this series. In this segment, we meet Nicolette Tura of The Illuminated Body. At Mike's Paddle, Nicolette offers Half-Day Sup Yoga retreats and Shine Your Light SUP Yoga Specialty Classes (there is still time to join her on Saturday, September 23, by registering here). In October, she will be teaching a Full Moon Flow. Learn more about why she loves SUP Yoga, what her spirit animal is and her favorite SUP Yoga pose. 

1) Why do you love SUP Yoga?

I love SUP Yoga because I love nature, water and yoga, so the combination is mind-blowing. It's the best therapy for urban living.

2) Paint the picture of one experience on the water that you'll never forget?

Every class is magical as I get to witness folks surprise themselves with postures that are hard for them on land, but then they nail it on the board; or conversely poses that are super easy on land are comically challenging on the board. 

3) What do you want all your friends to know about SUP Yoga?

That everyone can ‘do it.’ If we just give ourselves the time and space it’s a practice in which the rewards are epic for all levels of healing.

4) When you bring students onto the water, what is your main message to them?

Have fun, trust yourself and be present.

5) What's your favorite element that you connect with in your SUP Yoga practice?

Water! I love how it reminds us to go with the flow, there’s nothing to be afraid of and the power water has to open our chronically tight hips is tremendous!

6) What's your SUP Yoga spirit animal/creature and why?

Dolphin. I’m silly, vocal, and I love the water so it just seems fitting lol

7) What's your favorite SUP yoga pose?

Downdog for sure. It gets me every time to see the world upside down with the water, trees, clouds, boats, everything!

8) Where would your dream SUP Vacation be?

Good question, maybe Bahamas, or Jamaica?!

9) Anything else you'd like to share with the Mike's Paddle community?

I’m so grateful to have found Mike’s Paddle, it is such a special place fostering the true sense of ohana. Looking forward to seeing you on the water soon. Big Aloha and Love!