Shine Your Light SUP Yoga with Nicolette Tura


Shine Your Light SUP Yoga:

Practicing yoga on the water surrounded by the healing power of nature is an experience everyone must have! Each practice; the perfect combination of fun, challenge, and restoration is also eclectic and effervescent as Nicolette tunes into the class and conditions to help us uncover and shine more of our inner light.

6/15/2019 Saturday 11am-1pm $55 Sign Up - Summer Solstice Special!

7/13/2019 Saturday 5p-7:00pm $85 Sign Up - Moonlight Yoga Flow!

About Nicolette:

Nicolette draws from various trainings and modalities such as yoga, acupressure, dance and behavior change health coaching to help folks find their own authentic path to vibrant living; while keeping it fun and sustainable.
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