Paddle & Party

Paddle & Party events are designed to bring the paddling community together. If you're a part of the Mike's Paddle Tribe these events are completely free. If not these events are only $25 including equipment rentals and the party afterwards. This is a great way to meet other people that are excited to paddle and explorer the bay. The community events are fun for the whole family and all levels of experience are welcome. Although, we would like participants to have at least a minimal level of paddling experience because this is not an instructional course. The party afterwards will have hors d'oeuvre and beverages. Don't miss out on these super fun events! Invite your friends and family to meet this amazing paddling community we are creating.

Skill Clinics will be held prior to these events to help you improve and advance your paddling skills. We ask that you have already completed our Level 1 Skills Course  or have similar prior experience. If you're a part of the Mike's Paddle Tribe these clinics are completely free. If not these clinics are $35 including equipment rentals. 

Event Schedule:

  • 9am - 10:30am Skills Clinic ($35)

  • 9:30am - 10:30am Registration & Welcome

  • 10am - 10:30am Dock Yoga (Free) by Margaret Dubin

  • 10:30am - 12pm Community Paddle Event

  • 12pm - 1pm PARTY 

May 5 - Mike’s Paddle 5 Year Anniversary Party / SIGN UP HERE

Hooray! The Mike's paddle season is officially running. We want to invite everyone to join us in celebrating Mike’s Paddle 5 Year Anniversary . This is a great event to invite your friends and family so they begin the season early and don't wait to start getting involved. We will also be including  a skills clinic during the paddle to help refresh your skills and get ready for the season. We will be hosting this event in the rain or shine. There's also a large SALE the whole weekend to get all of your paddling gear ready for the season at a great price! 

June 1 - Family Fun & Kids Paddle / SIGN UP HERE

All kids are FREE for this event! This event is a great opportunity to get the whole family out on the water! It is also a great way to give your kids the experience of paddling so they can decide if they want to join our kids camp, have a youth birthday party or participate in our fall kids league! There's no better way to spend time with your family than out on the water developing a hobby that you can all do together for years to come! We will have 2 different paddles this day to accommodate all skill levels of all ages. Minimum age is 6 years old for kids. This event is not only for families and children's everyone in our paddling community is welcome!

10am - 10:30am Dock Yoga (Free) by Margaret Dubin

July 21 - Pirate Paddle Scavenger Hunt / SIGN UP HERE

ARRRRRRR! Why couldn't the pirate learn the alphabet?...Because they were stuck at C! Will be hosting our first-ever pirate paddle scavenger hunt! Participants will be split into random teams, given their first clue and sent on a race to paddle and find the buried treasure! Bring your family and friends for this EPIC hunt of the summer. All ages are welcome to join. Pirate attire is highly encouraged. We will also be hosting a mid-summer SALE to pick up all the newest paddling gear.

August 11 - Summer Camp For All Ages / SIGN UP HERE

Our summer camp kids have so much fun in camp that we figured we should give everyone the truly amazing experience of playing on the water. We are pulling out the SUPsquash the REDdragon and our favorite games on and off water. This event is to celebrate another amazing summer camp season! Be prepared to get wet. OH NO let the crazy CHAOS begin! 

10am - 10:30am Dock Yoga (Free) by Margaret Dubin

September 15 - Relay Race PaddleSplash Alameda / SIGN UP HERE

If you attended our PaddleSplash event last year you know how out of control our team relay race can be! Now we add a whole new level of fun by adding obstacles to the race! All ages are welcome, teams will be chosen the morning of the event. Or you can just come out and watch the craziness…The PaddleSplash™  was born out of the idea that fitness can be a key part of everyday life if it is fun – and what better way to have fun than being outside, splashing around in the water! The festival includes races for all paddler levels as well as offering paddlers and spectators a chance to experience the estuary side of Alameda Island. At the festival, everyone can watch the race, enjoy music, Demo a paddle board, enjoy the pool, giveaways and fun activities at the yacht club and in the water. Choose from a variety of  race options.

10am - 10:30am Dock Yoga (Free) by Margaret Dubin

October 27 - Halloween & Animal Party / SIGN UP HERE

With Halloween around the corner we want to see your best paddling costume. It's one thing to get pictures with your costume on land it's another thing to get pictures of your costume on the water with the San Francisco skyline behind you!

If you've been around the Mike's paddle shop you know how much we love our animals! This event is created so all the animals out there can come paddle with their owners. May you and your animal be experience paddling together or made it be there first time this is a great event to get them out on the water and get a few pictures too! Please bring your animals PFD if they have one, we will have a few that you can rent. We will also have some animal treats to help them stay on the board and be rewarded for their bravery on the board. Animals of all sizes welcome. This event is not only for animals and their owners everyone in our paddling community is welcome, it will be too cute to miss!

As the weather begins to turn the Mike's paddle shops goes mostly dormant during the winter so we can host our SUP Caravan trip in warmer parts of the world! Join us for our final Paddle & Party. Everyone is welcome. Huge end of season SALE all weekend long!

Sunset Paddle & Party

One of the most amazing times to paddle on the Bay is to watch the sun setting over the San Francisco skyline from the water. What a great way to relax and unwind after a long day of work. After our sunset paddle we will be having drinks to an hors d'oeuvre in our courtyard. This is sure to be one of our most popular events! First Thursday of every month from May to October (except for July 4th is July 11th).

Event Schedule :

  • 6pm - 6:30pm Registration & Welcome

  • 6:30pm - 7:30pm Paddle 

  • 7:30pm - 8:30pm PARTY

Sunset Paddle & Party Dates: