COVID-19 and Air Quality

Mike’s Paddle scheduled programs will run regularly except for under the following conditions:

Unhealthy Air Quality Index

In the event of air quality issues due to wildfire smoke, we monitor the AQI using PurpleAir, which has a sensor in Ballena Bay (please make sure the LRAPA conversion is checked and not "none", otherwise the AQI is twice as high as it should be). View our Conditions page to see the current AQI, and please note the following:

AQI 0-100 (Good/Moderate) - Classes, camps, rentals and shop hours operate as usual.

AQI 101-150 (Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups) - Classes, camps, rentals and shop hours operate as usual, however this AQI is unhealthy for sensitive groups such as children and those who suffer from asthma. If you wish to withdraw from a camp or class for AQI reasons, please text us (415) 704-6176.

AQI 151-200 (Unhealthy) - Mike’s Paddle will close for the day.

COVID-19 Tier Change

Mike’s Paddle is currently permitted full operation with appropriate safety protocols for all business categories under which we operate, and all activities (retail, rentals, camps, classes and private lessons) relevant to our business, according to the Tier system adopted by Alameda County. However, we will abide by all closures and/or capacity limitations prescribed by the County of Alameda in the event of a change in Tier. Please see our COVID-19 Statement for more information about the actions we are taking to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Suspected COVID-19 Outbreak

If we suspect a student, camper, staff member and/or instructor has a COVID-19 case due to our daily health screening or a report of infection we will immediately notify all participants in the affected class or camp, and/or rental or less participant. 

We will cancel that week of camp immediately and call all parents to pick up children. 

We will give credit back to all parents immediately.

All staff will get a COVID-19 test. Those who are positive will be quarantined for 14 days. Those who are negative can be released back to work. 

The following week of camp may be canceled if we do not have enough staff, can not ensure the site has been sanitized properly or feel it is unsafe to open back up. 

Alameda County Public Health Department will be contacted immediately if a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case is identified, in order to provide additional assistance.