Downwind Surf L4

Downwind Surf - L4

We love Downwind Surf because there are so many waves on the bay you don't have to compete for a scarce resource like an ocean wave. Downwind surf is an exciting new subset of stand up! Downwind surf requires specific downwind boards typically 12'6 or 14' long with surf tail and highly rockered noses. Surf locations include but not limited to: Mike's paddle in Alameda, Crown Beach, Treasure Island, Richmond, and Alcatraz.
Prerequisite: Level 3 or equivalent.
Sample Lessons:
Lesson 1: Wind surf environment and surf skills @ Mike's Paddle
Lesson 2: Downwind surf skills from Mike's Paddle to Oakland Estuary (Car shuttle)
Lesson 3: Bigger waves and bigger crossings from Treasure Island to Emeryville (Car or Boat shuttle)
Price: $150 per lesson or $375 for three lessons.
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