Intermediate SUP Downwinding (Level 5)

Intermediate Downwinding (Level 5) - Held Monthly - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Ages 16+ - $99

Take your downwinding skills and experience to the next level with this amazing class! We’ll meet at Mike’s Paddle and Uber/Lyft (you pay separately) to our starting location (determined that day based on weather/conditions). A shuttle will transport equipment to our launch location. We’ll then guide you across the Bay, back to Mike’s Paddle. With breaks and rests, this five mile paddle could take anywhere between an hour and half with a good wind behind us, or up to three hours in flatter water. We should have the wind behind us, but the tide will vary. You’ll level up your downwinding skills in this class and walk away ready for the most challenging wind conditions. Please note that depending on participants' abilities, we may not be back by 4:00 pm.

We’ll provide students with SiC Sonic 12’ 6” boards w/ fin and leash, plus sanitized paddle, PFD and wetsuit.




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