Intro to SUP Downwinding (Level 4)

Intro to SUP Downwinding (Level 4) - Held Monthly - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Ages 16+ - $85

Downwind surfing is an exciting subset of SUP that serves you unlimited waves without having to compete in the lineup on a beach. We start this class at Mike’s Paddle, go over the wind/surf environment and basic downwinding skills, then head out of Ballena Bay and put those skills to work as we make our way down Crown Beach and around to the Tidewater Boating Center on the Oakland Estuary. We'll paddle with the wind at our backs and be assisted by a flood tide. This is an approximately five mile paddle, but with the wind and tide at your back, it feels like three! A shuttle will meet us at Tidewater with your dry clothing and will transport the equipment back to the shop. Students will return via Uber/Lyft (cost not included in the class). Please note that depending on the skill level of the class's participants, we may finish later than 4:00 pm.

We’ll provide students with Tao Surf 11' or SiC Sonic 12’ 6” boards w/ fin and leash, plus sanitized paddle, PFD and wetsuit.




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