Kids Internship Program & Leadership Training

We feel it is important for kids to be introduced and gain experience in leadership roll's like helping customers and coaching participants. We have created our Kids Internship & Leadership Program to help give kids experience they can someday use on a resume.

Through this program we offer a 4-day Kids Leadership Training Program where kids will learn valuable lessons and skills. Once they have completed the training they can then go through our application process to become a intern at Mike's Paddle. The application process is a great experience for all the kids to go through where they will create application materials as well as do a phone interview. Unfortunately due to the limited spaces we have available for our intern program we are only able to accept some of our applicants for the full internship. Please carefully read the information below and contact us with any questions.


Kids Coach & Leadership Training 

This program is designed to give kids valuable training and experience in leadership and responsibility. Over this 4-day training we will focus on 3 general topics; 1) kids will learn about coaching and managing groups and individuals on and off the water, 2) the importance of risk management and emergency/medical response, 3) basics of customer service, sales & employment. This camp also includes a CPR and First Aid certification by the LifeSavers organization. We want help to develop important traits needed to work in the outdoor adventure, summer camp and retail fields. Kids must have basic SUP experience. Once kids complete this training they are able to apply for our Mike's Paddle Kids Internship. Unfortunately due to the limited spaces we have available for our internship program we are only able to accept some of our applicants for the full internship.

Age: 12 - 16 years old 

Days: Saturday & Sunday

Time: 9am - 4pm 

Location: Encinal Boat Ramp, Alameda & Mike's Paddle Shop

Price: $499

Register Now For: 

May 15 - 16 & May 22 - 23 (Waitlist)

September 11 - 12 & September 18 - 19 


Kids Internship Program

Please review all the details below before applying for the Internship Program

This 25 day program is for selected kids to have first hand experience in leadership roles, coaching kids and adults on and off the water, helping with basic customer service and sales, and working with the Mike's Paddle team! Kids can apply for this program once they have completed the Kids Coach and Leadership Training. We have a few different types of internship positions from helping with our kids program to helping at the Mikes Paddle Shop. We offer internships year round to offer more opportunities. Unfortunately due to the limited spaces we have available for our internship program we are only able to accept some of our applicants for the full internship. Please email for more information. 



  • The internship requires 25 full days in a 3-month time frame
  • A consistent schedule will be agreed upon before hiring. Depending on the position this may be 3 to 5 days a week.
  • Flexible in working additional hours to include evenings and weekends.
  • Adhere to an agreed upon schedule and get approval for modifications or time off
  • Want to lean and develop your skills while trying your best
  • Understand you are applying for a leadership role and need to always set a good example.
  • Be responsible



  • Free access to rent boards and bring one guest with reservation and prior approval. Must be during open shop hours.
  • Free access to all L1-L3 classes and tours at Mike’s Paddle (specialty yoga classes are excluded.)
  • 10% - 30% off all retail products depending on the vendor


Physical Requirements:

 As a stand-up paddle intern, you will spend a large amount of the day on the water paddling, swimming, and playing. We load, unload, and wash equipment daily. The following requirements are to ensure a safe and comfortable work experience.

  • Strong swimmer and comfortable in open water (San Francisco Bay)
  • Physically fit with the ability to lift and carry equipment (approximately 45 pounds)
  • Ability to sit, stand, walk, or paddle for extended periods of time.


Application & Interview Process:

  • Complete Internship Application
  • Email resume and cover letter
  • Interview with direct supervisors
  • Complete availability form and schedule commitment form



  • Applicants must be between 12 - 16 years old
  • Completed the Mike’s Paddle Leadership Training Camp
  • Current CPR/First Aid certification
  • Completed Mike’s Paddle SUP L1 assistant qualifications
  • Have written parent consent for internship and agreed upon schedule
  • Ability to work well with the program director, instructors, interns, volunteers, youth participants, parents, organizations, clients, and the surrounding community
  • Heightened focus on risk management, group management, and safety in an outdoor setting.
  • Excellent customer service skills to include the ability to respond courteously and knowledgeably to the needs of all participants and the surrounding community
  • A high degree of initiative, self-motivation, and ability to motivate others
  • Ability to provide a working atmosphere that is positive, inclusive, and productive
  • Have weekends and holidays available to work if needed
  • Excellent communications skills with customers, staff and supervisors


During Internship:

  • Weekly check-in with direct supervisor to help develop your performance and keep open line of communication
  • Monthly written review so interns and parents can be informed of areas that are excelling and areas that need development
  • End of internship review and evaluation
  • Interns final evaluation of Internship Program
  • Invite to apply for paid position with Mikes Paddle


Post Internship & Job Opportunities:

  • Upon completion of the internship program some interns will be given the opportunity to apply for a paid position at Mike’s Paddle
  • Paid positions at Mike’s Paddle are assistant youth instructor, dock staff, retail assistant and programs assistant
  • A paid position is not guaranteed to an intern once they have completed the internship


Youth Internship Positions Available 

Inters will works with the lead and assistant instructors to help create a fun, exciting, educational, and safe youth program experience. These inters will help with summer camps, private and group lessons, kids leagues and additional youth programs.


Customer Service:

  • Help lead games, activities, and lessons for participants
  • Be kind and listen to the needs of participants and staff
  • Always perform the best example of behavior for the group (Be the example)
  • Make sure yourself and participants are following all policies and procedures of the youth program
  • Create a fun and inclusive environment for campers, other interns, and staff
  • Be excited and enthusiastic about camp activities (no negative attitudes)
  • Coach stand up paddling and teach lessons to individuals and groups
  • Listen to parents and have them speak camp staff with issues. Be respectful and courteous
  • Help staff develop new and creative camps games and activities for on and off the water



  • Assign, size and tag participant equipment
  • Roll trailer of boards to the beach and help unload
  • Ensure all instructor and safety gear is packed for the days adventure
  • Wash PFDs, wetsuits, paddles, leashes, fins and boards
  • Load trailer with boards and tie down for transportation


Site Maintenance:

  • Keep operations containers clean and organized
  • Sweep site and remove trash and debris
  • Clean and sanitize campers’ benches and bins
  • Pick up trash around site
  • Clean and sanitize restroom high touched areas
  • Set up and clean up daily site operations equipment


Risk Management:

  • Always have a heightened focus on risk management and safety of yourself and participants on and off the water
  • Review weather and paddling conditions to work with instructors to develop the daily activities and paddle plan to avoid unnecessary risk due to paddling in inclement weather
  • Listen to instructors’ directions and follow exactly
  • Continuous head counts of campers and staff on and off the water
  • Identify risks potentials daily and alert instructors
  • Evaluate participants skills and abilities to help coach more if needed


Dock & Retail Internship Positions Available 

Inters will work with the shop, retail and program supervisors to help with the daily operations of the Mike’s Paddle Shop. These inters will help customers and staff with overseeing dock, shop, program and retail tasks that ensure a fun and safe environment.


Customer Service:

  • Greet customers with a smile, personal engagement and be helpful at all times
  • Outfit customers with wetsuits, PFDs, paddles and boards
  • Provide on water instruction to participants during rentals and programs
  • Help customers get on and off the water
  • Help customers carry their own boards up and down the ramp to outside
  • Check in customers in shop software, explain waivers, and explain rental or class procedures
  • Check out customers in shop software, charge customers and show receipts
  • Answer phone calls, texts, podium app inquiries and route inquiries to managers
  • Help customers with paddling questions such as gear, route, weather, and skills



  • Help program or retail managers carry boards to setup for tours or classes
  • Setup and breakdown of boards, paddle, leashes each day
  • Clean paddles with cleaning solutions after each use
  • Wash PFD, wetsuits and spray jackets throughout the day
  • Return all equipment back to the gear room from the dock and follow the order of equipment type, sizes, and colors.
  • Perform small repairs such as small dings, rail tapes, paddle repairs.


Retail Display:

  • Help managers with retail displays
  • Move and refill products into retail displays
  • Price products with printers and stickers
  • Arrange products in an organized and pleasing fashion



  • Greet customers and learn about their needs for purchasing
  • Ask the right questions to understand customers’ needs
  • Determine whether gear or skills improvement is what the customer needs
  • Help customers determine the right product to purchase
  • Showcase current promotional products
  • Help customers demo and use the products
  • Ring up sales and finalize purchase


Shop Knowledge:

  • Learn and be knowledgeable about all equipment in the shop: boards, paddles, fins, leashes and accessories
  • Learn and be knowledgeable about all classes, tours and activities offered through the shop
  • Continue to improve paddling and safety skills through free classes and lessons in the shop


Shipping and Receiving:

  • Help managers receive equipment, open boxes and move equipment to the correct locations
  • Help managers package equipment for shipping to customers



  • Move chairs or boards from outside to inside
  • Put away gears, tools and accessories to the correct receptacle
  • Clean cubbies, desks, and surfaces with cleaning solutions
  • Vacuum gear room, retail rooms and clean filter
  • Take out trash, recycling and replace bags


Risk Management:

  • Alert managers with potential hazards on land or water
  • Recognize inexperienced paddlers and alert managers or instructors
  • Help inexperienced paddlers with skills that can help them be safe
  • Perform first aid or CPR on the dock or in shop if needed


Please contact Victoria Anweiler at with any questions or to discuss this program further.