Kids Program - Health and Safety Information

Especially during this time of COVID-19, it takes campers, parents and Mike’s Paddle staff -- all working together! -- to ensure our camps go smoothly, and a fun and safe time is had by all. Please read carefully below for information about locations, what to bring, COVID-19 guidelines and more!

What we need from parents: 

  • Talk to your kids about COVID-19 before camp and about the importance of following our COVID-19 camp procedures.
  • Please complete the Health and Medical Form prior to the first day of camp. 
  • Liability Waiver - in the event you did not complete the Liability Waiver at the time of registration, you will be sent an electronic copy a week prior to camp, and if you are unable to bring that completed form, you will be given a paper one to sign on the first day of camp.
  • Drop Off and Pick Up - parents/guardians are required to drop off and pick up their kids every day of camp. If there are reasons preventing this from happening, please contact the Programs Director immediately to discuss. 
  • Parents/guardians and campers should stay in vehicles at the camp drop off location for our designated sign-in/sign-out instructor.
  • At drop off, our instructor will check that the pre-camp forms have been completed, do our daily health screening and temperature check, and ensure your child has all the supplies/equipment they need to bring.
  • At pick up, our instructor will come by your vehicle and sign your camper out. Please be prepared to show ID.
  • Only instructors, staff, and campers will be permitted to enter the camp facility.  
  • Camp Location - Youth, Teen and Intermediate camps are held at Mike’s Paddle, 1120 Ballena Blvd., Suite 200, Alameda, CA 94501 - see map.
  • Camp Location - Summer Camp is held at the Encinal Boat Ramp, 190 Central Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501 - see map.
  • Personal Protection Equipment - we are asking all kids to wear a mask on land and on water. We would like them to have two masks: one for land (any type) and a gaiter or neck buff for use on the water. We ask this for the following reasons: 1) they can be worn around the neck, 2) they will not get lost while paddling, and 3) they can easily be put on if your child needs help on the water, where social distancing cannot be maintained. We have neck gaiters for purchase in the shop for $10. 
  • If you have any personal bottles of hand sanitizer for your child please give them one to use for camp. 
  • Wetsuits and life jackets must go home with campers daily to be cleaned, dried, and brought back to camp the next day. Rinse the suit with fresh water and hang to dry. Please bring a trash bag or something to bring wet gear home in at the end of each day.
  • Please contact the Programs Director immediately if you have a high-risk camper, parent, family member or friend to discuss whether participation in camp is right for your child. 

What we need from campers: 

  • An understanding of what COVID-19 is and why it is important to follow the camp COVID-19 Tribal Traditions (policy and procedures, below). 
  • Arrive in bathing suit attire under warm clothes
  • Understand how important sunscreen is, and why it is important to put it on.
  • Understand how important drinking water is, and why it is important to drink it when asked to do so during camp. 
  • Bring the following to camp with you EVERY DAY:
    • Cleaned wetsuit and PFD (your own, or those provided by Mike’s Paddle) 
    • Plastic bag to bring wet gear home in
    • Two face masks: one of any type for on land, and a neck gaiter for on the water
    • Two liters of bottled water 
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Medications you need to take (please have you parents note any medications on the medical form)
    • Sunscreen
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses with a strap
    • Lunch and snacks
    • Towel
    • Long-sleeved top to wear on the water like a rash guard (must be non-cotton, Mike’s Paddle rash guards available for purchase for $25)
    • Swimsuit for under wetsuits
    • Water shoes with a heel strap (and closed-toe preferred)
    • A warm change of clothes for after paddling, including dry shoes
    • Jacket   

What Mike's Paddle is doing: 

  • We maintain a 1:6 instructor to student ratio. 
  • All equipment (paddle, board, leash, wetsuit, PFD) will be assigned to each child so they will be handling their own equipment the entire week of camp. 
  • Times for launching, landing, and changing will be staggered to allow for appropriate physical (social) distancing. 
  • Additional handwashing and hand sanitizing stations will be placed around the facility.
  • Daily cleaning and sanitization of all high touch areas including equipment, surfaces, and restrooms will take place multiple times a day. 
  • Signage for physical (social) distancing protocols, hand washing, and face coverings will be placed around the facility. 

What instructors are doing: 

  • Mike’s Paddle on-water safety practices still remain our number one priority. Instructors will put water safety ahead of COVID-19 prevention measures as appropriate.
  • We have instituted strategies for behavior corrections if a camper is being continuously defiant of COVID-19 Tribal Traditions (Policies and Procedures).
  • We conduct daily health screenings including temperature checks. 
  • In the event a camper needs assistance gearing up, or an on-water rescue, towing, first ad, emotional comforting or coaching is required, instructors are trained to follow these protocols:
  • Maintaining physical/social distancing whenever possible 
  • Using face-coverings any time they are in close proximity to campers, instructors and parents
  • Asking campers to use a face-covering any time they are in close proximity to other campers or instructors
  • Using hand sanitization practices before and after touching children or gear.
  • Practicing sensitivity in talking to campers about COVID-19

COVID-19 Tribal Traditions (Policies & Procedures): 

  • A mask must be worn any time physical/social distancing is not maintained during camp.
  • A distance of 3 to 6 feet must be maintained when possible on and off the water; the facility will be marked to help campers and instructors maintain a 3ft to 6ft distance while seated at the site, playing games, doing activities, washing gear, or waiting for the bathrooms.
  • Hand sanitizing or hand washing must be done by campers and instructors upon arrival, before lunch, after lunch, after applying sunscreen to the face, and throughout the day. 
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow. 
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose, and eyes. 
  • Daily temperature checks will be taken upon the arrival of all campers and instructors.
  • Campers must maintain possession of all personal equipment and not touch other campers’ or instructors’ equipment. 

COVID-19 suspected outbreak response: 

Please email to notify us immediately if your camper or anyone they have come into contact with in the last 14 days is a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19. 

If we receive a report of an infection, or suspect a camper or instructor has COVID-19 due to the results of our daily health screenings, we will:

  • Immediately notify the parents of all campers. 
  • Immediately cancel that week of camp and call all parents to pick up their campers. 
  • Issue credit, good for any Mike’s Paddle purchase.
  • Have all staff tested. Those who are positive will be quarantined for 14 days. Those who are negative will be released back to work. 
  • Sanitize and disinfect our entire facility to ensure no further spread of the virus. 
  • Cancel the following week of camp ONLY IF a) we do not have enough staff, b) we cannot ensure the site has been sanitized properly or c) we feel it is unsafe to open back up. 
  • Contact the Alameda County Public Health Department immediately to notify them of the suspected or confirmed COVID-19.