Leadership Program (OLD-JULY 2021)

Leadership Program - Ages 12-16 - Mar 26-Apr 3, 2021 - $499

At Mike’s Paddle, we believe kids need to be introduced to, and gain experience in, the basic skills they’ll need in their first jobs. We feel they also need to learn about the strategies and tools they need to get their first jobs.

With direct experience helping customers and coaching camp participants, kids in our Leadership Program gain both a leg up on their peers and an impressive experience to put on their resumes. Most importantly, they possess greater confidence in their own abilities as they apply for positions and enter the workforce for the first time. 

In this four-day leadership and responsibility program, spanning two consecutive weekends, we will teach your kids the primary skills needed to work in the outdoor adventure, summer camp and retail fields:

1) coaching and managing groups and individuals on and off the water

2) the importance of risk management and emergency/medical response

3) the basics of customer service, sales and employment.

This camp also includes a CPR and First Aid certification by the LifeSavers organization. 

Graduates from our Leadership Program are then eligible to apply for our Teen Internship Program and further deepen their skills, experience, confidence and preparation for employment. While we cannot guarantee admission to the Internship Program due to limited space, the application process itself is a great experience for the kids to go through, as they will be creating application materials and actively interviewing for an available position. 

The Leadership Program is held twice a year -- in May and September -- at Mike’s Paddle and the Encinal Boat Ramp.