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A Paddling Community

Ohana Paddle Club is a community of people who share the love of stand-up paddle boarding and who want to create opportunities to get together on the water.

Our paddling interests are social, competitive, therapeutic, environmental, and spiritual, to name a few. We come from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds and a broad spectrum of experience with being on the water

Experiences Include

  • A variety of programs: social paddles, race league practices, and even land based events
  • Paddle tours all around the bay and Northern California
  • Opportunities to lead social paddles, organize tours, as well as a positions in club management

Membership Benefits

  • Race league clinics with professionally trained coaches
  • Social paddles & bbqs
  • Local paddle trips
  • Annual gear swaps
SUP paddle boards on a trailer

Building Ohana Paddle Club

Ohana Paddle Club was officially brought to life in July 2021, but it was years in the making beginning back in 2015 when Mike started a race program. He realized that many people use SUP race training as their preferred form of developing and maintaining fitness and the race program provided an avenue for people to enjoy intense focus and goal-setting in paddling.

The program started with six students: three became dedicated racers and the other three became instructors! There was a great community in racing and fitness. Mike became a PaddleFit instructor and ran regular Saturday PaddleFit classes teaching people how to be fit while paddling. He started Team Mike’s Paddle shortly after and has now developed over 50 racers. They had weekly training and went to local, national and international races.

Through Mike’s Paddle, over 30 instructors were developed, and we now have an unmatched community of strong and dedicated paddlers who are mentoring the new generations coming up. This community is now known as Ohana Paddle Club.

group of SUP paddle boarers

Additional Services

SUP Classes
(Level 1 - 6)

New to paddling? Want to improve your skill? Learn about our paddle classes. From touring to racing to downwinding, we have a class for every skill level

Private Lessons

Can't make a group lesson time? Want tailored instruction for you or your family? Hosting a school, community, or corporate paddle party? Book a private lesson!

Paddle Membership

Purchase a paddle membership and enjoy unlimited rentals each month!