On-Site SUP Rental

On-Site SUP Rental - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm - Ages 18+ - $30/hour or $80-$100/month

We provide everything experienced paddlers need to comfortably paddle around Alameda’s beautiful Ballena Bay, Crown Beach and Encinal Beach from our calm water marina dock for just $30/hour: board w/ fin, leash and sanitized paddle and PFD, storage for your stuff and a place to change if needed. Want a wetsuit too? That’s just $5 extra.

New to paddling? Join one of our ongoing Intro to SUP group lessons or book a private lesson before renting.

Taken a Mike’s Paddle Intro to SUP (Level 1) group/private lesson or equivalent elsewhere? You’re good to go!

No lesson, but previous paddling experience? We’ll give you a 15 minute skills assessment when you arrive at the shop, to ensure that you can:

  • Paddle 50 yards in a straight line and paddle on both sides
  • Stop with less than four strokes after paddling 50 yards
  • Turn the board 180 degrees with two sweep strokes or less 

Paddling the Bay is very different from lakes and most tourist locations!

Not sure if you’re ready? Text us in the chat box and we’ll help you decide.

  • Rental appointments are available from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm 7 days a week - reservations are HIGHLY recommended on weekends to avoid up to a 45 minute wait
  • Fees: $30 per hour (one hour minimum), $15 per 30 mins beyond your first hour - you’ll pay at checkout
  • 15 minute grace period from check in and return time - all other time will be charged
  • Rentals include board w/ fin, leash, and sanitized paddle and PFD
  • Basic Boards: Glides, SIC Tao Surfs or Tao Fits - all super stable for newer paddlers and ideal for SUP Yoga
  • Touring Boards: SIC Sonic’s 12’6" x 30" is one of the most versatile touring boards on the market, offering stability with more speed and control than an all-around board
  • Please complete the online safety waiver form in your account prior to your arrival at the shop
  • Please review our weather/conditions policy and COVID guidelines
  • Check out our summer and winter seasonal passes for unlimited rentals!


    Please note: If booking a group rental for multiple people for the first time, please call the shop at (415) 295-2925 so we can assist you. Returning members already managing others on your account: simply make a separate reservation for each person.