SUP Private Lessons L1-L3

covid-19 Update

From June to October, we have lessons available 7 days a week at 10am and 1pm, except Saturday and Sunday mornings when we host our intro classes at 9:30am.

Private Lessons L1-L3

Can't make it to our level 1 to level 3 group classes on weekends?  Take a private lesson when it works for your schedule!  Come during the week or in the off-season to experience the best SUP instruction in the Bay Area one-on-one.  In a private lesson, a certified instructor will focus on your specific needs and help you learn to paddle much quicker than you would in a group class.  Private lessons are also the best way for those with some experience to improve their techniques to become an intermediate or advanced paddler. Here is what a typical private lesson looks like:

  • For beginners we will go through the A-Z with you on paddling and safety. The instructor will be with you every step of the way on land and on water.

  • For those who know how to paddle:

    • The instructor will assess you by paddling with you and filming a video of you (if you’re okay with it) in the beginning of the lesson.

    • The instructor will teach you on both land and water and give you feedback on your forward stroke and turning strokes.

    • The instructor will give you 3-4 drills to practice during the lesson and when you go paddle on your own.

    • We will do another video of you at the end of the lesson to show progress on technique.


Winter Note: Starting November, the weather becomes unpredictable in terms of winter storms and typically lasts until April/May in the Bay Area. Scheduling a private lesson in advance gives us the flexibility of rescheduling in case of storms.

Private lessons: $120 for a 2 hour lesson or purchase a 3 pack for just $299. 

Semi-private lessons: For 2 people, $110 per person. For 3 people or more $100 per person.

Please use the below email form to send us an form so we can schedule your private lesson more efficiently. Thank you!

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Fire & Bad Air Quality Update

Due to recent fires and bad air quality, please see below for our bad air quality cancellation policy:

We have a local PurpleAir sensor here in Ballena Bay. Please make sure the LRAPA conversion is checked and not "none", otherwise the AQI is twice as high as it should be. Please check the conditions on the day of to see what the Air Quality Indicator (AQI), we also have it displayed on our website.

AQI 0-100 We do not cancel, classes operate as usual.

AQI 101-150 We do not cancel, classes operate as usual. AQI 101-150 is unhealthy for sensitive groups (such as children and those who suffer from Asthma), if you are in this group, please text us 415-704-6176 to cancel, it's the best way to reach us in the morning. We would be happy to reschedule you to another day.

AQI 151-200 We cancel all classes and rentals and close the shop for the day.