SUP Surf

SUP surf is a wildly popular subsection of surfing due to the ease of catching waves and SUP's versatility in different conditions. We designed a series of lessons to start you on your path to becoming a bona fide surfer! Start your SUP surfing lessons with a Level 4 class in our Ballena Bay location. Initial learning in the protected bay will prepare you for SUP surfing ocean conditions in the Level 5 & 6 classes which explore surf locations along the west coast.

Class Dates

  • Sun, 8/6/23
  • Sun, 8/20/23
  • Sun, 9/10/23
  • Sat, 9/30/23
  • Sat, 10/7/23

Class Details

  • Group Class designed to prepare you for the ocean
  • Demo SUP surf boards in flat and choppy water
  • Location: Alameda
  • 3 Hour Class
  • Fees: $120
  • Age: 14+

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