Teen Internship Program

Mike’s Paddle offers 25 day Teen Internship Programs, run year round, for selected graduates from our Leadership Program. We offer two types of internships: Program Internships and Shop and Dock Internships. The following information applies to both types.

Please review all details below before applying for the Teen Internship Program.

Applicants must commit to:

  • Working 25 full days in a three month time frame
  • A consistent schedule -- typically between three and five days per week -- which will be agreed upon before hiring
  • Some flexibility in working additional hours that include evenings and weekends
  • Obtaining prior approval for schedule modifications or time off
  • Leaning in, developing skills and doing their best
  • Setting a good example for other interns
  • Working responsibly and professionally


  • Free rentals with one free guest, with reservation and prior approval, during open shop hours
  • Free Level 1 - Level 3 classes and Tours (no Specialty Yoga)
  • 10% - 30% off retail products

Physical Requirements:

Interns spend time on the water paddling, swimming, and playing, as well as loading, unloading, and washing equipment daily. In order to ensure a safe and comfortable work experience for everyone, interns should be:

  • Strong swimmers with comfort in open water (San Francisco Bay)
  • Physically fit with the ability to lift and carry equipment weighing up to approximately 45 pounds
  • Able to sit, stand, walk, or paddle for extended periods of time

Application & Interview Process:

  • Complete and submit the Mike’s Paddle <>Internship Application<>
  • Email resume and cover letter to victoria@mikespaddle.com
  • Interview with direct supervisors
  • Written parental consent is required for the internship application and schedule commitment

Desired Skills: 

  • Ability to work well with the programs director, staff, instructors, interns, volunteers, youth participants, parents, organizations, clients, and the surrounding community
  • Heightened focus on risk management, group management and safety in an outdoor setting
  • Excellent customer service skills including the ability to respond courteously and knowledgeably to the needs of all participants and the surrounding community
  • A high degree of initiative, self-motivation and ability to motivate others
  • Ability to create and contribute to a positive, inclusive, and productive working atmosphere
  • Excellent communications skills with customers, staff and supervisors

During Internship:

  • Weekly check-ins with direct supervisors to develop your performance and keep an open line of communication
  • Monthly written reviews so interns and parents can be informed of areas of both excellence and needed development
  • Continuous improvement of paddling and safety skills by taking advantage of free classes, rentals and Tours
  • End of internship review and evaluation
  • Interns’ final evaluation of Internship Program 

Post-Internship Opportunity:

  • Upon completion of the Internship Program, select high-performing interns will be invited to apply for paid positions with Mike’s Paddle
  • Paid positions at Mike’s Paddle include assistant youth instructor, dock staff, retail assistant and programs assistant
  • Completion of the Internship Program does not guarantee an invitation to apply for paid positions