Discover the Bay Tours

Our Discover the Bay Tours are designed to take experienced paddlers beyond Ballena Bay to get acquainted with the greater San Francisco Bay’s waterfront, wildlife and other wonders! You’ll push yourself and build strength on a longer paddle in more challenging conditions, improve on your skills, see sights you can only fully experience from the water, and make new friends in the process.

We provide all the equipment you’ll need for every Discover the Bay Tour: board, fin and leash, sanitized paddle, PFD and wetsuit - either at Mike’s Paddle or at the starting location of each Tour. While we can’t provide transportation, you can take Uber/Lyft individually or with other Tour members to reduce cost.

Purchase a 3-pack Discover the Bay Pass for $269 and save $35 - $91 on three Discover the Bay Tours of your choice (purchase your pass prior to booking your Tours).