Private lessons L1-L3

Can't make it to our level 1 to level 3 group classes on weekends?  Take a private lesson when it works for your schedule!  Come during the week or in the off-season to experience the best SUP instruction in the Bay Area one-on-one.  In a private lesson, a certified instructor will focus on your specific needs and help you learn to paddle much quicker than you would in a group class.  Private lessons are also the best way for those with some experience to improve their techniques to become an intermediate or advanced paddler. 

Winter Note: Starting November, the weather becomes unpredictable in terms of winter storms and typically lasts until April/May in the Bay Area. Scheduling a private lesson in advance gives us the flexibility of rescheduling in case of storms.

Private lessons: $120 for a 2 hour lesson or purchase a 3 pack for just $299. 

Semi-private lessons: For 2 people, $110 per person. For 3 people $100 per person. We do not hold semi-private lessons for more than 3. Please see custom trips if you like to book a class or tour for more than 3.

Please use the below email form to send us an form so we can schedule your private lesson more efficiently. Thank you!

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