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HYDRO SUP Race Paddle

Our lightest, strongest and most technically advanced paddle yet.

The HYDRO SUP race paddle is for paddlers who want more speed and reduced fatigue. Whether you are cruising your local lake or crossing the Hawaiian channels, the Hydro is designed to deliver speed and comfort. Lightweight and durable, the Hydro combines exceptional power, blade stability and dynamic flex to help you paddle faster for longer while protecting your body from injury.

The Hydro is the paddle of choice for 2019 world champions – Seychelle WebsterOlivia PianaChristian Anderson, and Rai Taguchi as well as a growing number of worldwide athletes.

Scooped Dihedral Blade Technology

The Hydro blade is designed to correct poor alignment often associated with fatigue and injury. The deep Scooped Dihedral shaping holds the water securely through the power phase, eliminating lateral blade movement and delivering force in a smooth, efficient manner.

The extension of the tapered scoop towards the toe allows the paddle to remain stable and deliver power, even if you fail to get the full blade in the water. This toe shaping also ensures a clean catch and efficient blade release.

Overall, the Hydro blade design delivers a predictable, powerful and efficient paddle stroke that encourages the use of smaller blades.

Shallow Blade Angle Promotes Responsiveness

The shallow 8° blade angle results in a direct and positive feel through the power phase. The lower blade angle allows paddlers to enjoy a more aggressive and efficient paddle stroke. It also results in a slightly shorter paddle length.

Structural Blade Stability

The ridge along the front of the blade increases stiffness both vertically and laterally, resulting in increased strength. This structure helps the blade maintain better stability for a predictable feel you can count on.


Shaft Construction - 2 options:
1) TEXCARBON Construction

The most striking aspect of the Hydro paddle is the enhanced construction. Our Hydro paddle line is equipped with a Texalium and Carbon shaft. Developed in San Diego, over time this material has proven to be superior–particularly for SUP paddles.

The increased impact resistance of Texalium helps protect paddles both on flights and in the impact zone. The silver finish also reflects UV rays, reducing sun damage and keeping the shaft cooler on the water—an important aspect for paddlers in excessively hot climates. Meanwhile, the textured Texalium shaft also enhances grip, while still being gentle on the hands.

We paired the new shafts with blades and handles in a red kevlar and carbon construction for a unique and sleek aesthetic. On the inside, we reconfigured our laminates to increase strength and reduce weight, while maintaining an optimized flex.


2) Hydro Reflex Construction

The full carbon REFLEX version of the Hydro paddle is ideal for the recreational racer, the same great design with very attractive pricing. This is the paddle construction which some of our athletes including Annie Reichert have been using this season with great success.

The REFLEX version comes complete with a MEDIUM flex shaft which is ideal for most paddlers.