Carve Floating Sunglasses

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Carve Sunglasses supply a wide variety of mens & women's sunglasses. They have over 20 years experience making high quality, affordable, and durable sunglasses for sports. Carve is an international surf wear brand that grew from humble beginnings in Australia.

All Carve sunglasses we carry are:

  • Made with hardcore injected lenses
  • Low-density thermoplastic frame that floats in water
  • Polarised, scratch resistant lens
  • Hydrophobic lens coating repels water and prevents beads from forming, allowing for a clearer view when wet.
  • Oleophobic lens coating repels dirt, dust and oil (Great for offroading)
  • Optically correct lens
  • 100 percent UV Protection
  • Memory Tech Frame
  • De-Boss Badging
  • Category 3


Hard Core Lenses

Injected lenses are made from one solid mold that is injected with the melted down lens material. Once the mold dries, the lens is one solid piece. There are no layers or moving parts to an injected lens, which makes them stand up to extreme temperatures and moisture. Our injected lenses will withstand hard core exposure to the elements and are suitable to wear on any extreme adventure!

  • Suitable for extreme conditions
  • Optically correct
  • Excellent for hard-core adventure Carvers!
  • Super lightweight and flexible
  • Unisex