King's Paddle Simmons SUP Surf board

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The King’s Simmons SUP is designed to be the everyday go to board for SUP surfing. The Simmons SUP offers unparalleled speed, turning, and stability. The Simmons SUP board is patterned after the revolutionary designs of the great Bob Simmons. “If anybody was ever to get the credit of being the ‘Father of the Modern Surfboard,’ I would say it would have to be Simmons. He changed board design in a shorter period of time than anybody has before or since...” -- Reynolds “Rennie” Yater

The Simmons SUP is best ridden in board lengths under 9’ long. You will love riding this board in waves ranging from ankle high to slightly overhead. The wide outline creates fantastic planing speed in all sizes of surf. The tail, nose and rails are thin; allowing you to make quick turns at high speeds. The bottom of the nose is slightly rounded; giving you a smooth glide through the water. The front third of the bottom has a moderately deep single concave creating lift. This allows you to accelerate as soon as you catch a wave. The rear half of the board has a deep Vee with deep double concaves which greatly accelerate the speed of the water flow under the board.