NSP O² Pioneer FS Inflatable Board

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The O² Pioneer FS is designed for unmatched versatility, stability, durability and performance. A single board that gives the paddler a wide range of on-water applications. River running, overnighters, fishing or racing, this board does it all!

Having previously worked with Ken on The Quest, we returned to Colorado backcountry adventurer Ken Hoeve, to collaborate on another platform, perfectly suited for his home state conditions where the rivers flow fast and the fish are plentiful.

The O² Pioneer FS Performance:

Every piece and component of the Pioneer was scrutinized over for two years. Ken wanted to ensure that this is the one board that meets every requirement that river paddlers are looking for. His creation is an extra-rigid platform that gives paddlers a fast and stable exploration platform that can be customized and excels at a wide variety of applications. Even the top sheet graphic serves a purpose. Not only does it pay respect to its home watersheds of the Eagle and Colorado rivers, but it also acts as camouflage when floating, portaging, or accessing areas you’d rather keep a low profile on. The Pioneer’s attention to detail runs deep and is the one board that will serve up so many adventures. Read More about the design, durability, versatility and stability of the Pioneer below.

The O² Pioneer FS Fins:

Fin versatility and placement as well as hull stiffness were yet another priority that had to be done just right. A Pioneer FS comes with a center fin and two side bites, allowing the paddler to select exactly what they want under the board and to interchange them quickly and with ease.