Onyx Neoprene Vest dog
Size Chart For Onyx Pet vest
Onyx Neoprene Vest dog
Size Chart For Onyx Pet vest

Onyx Pet Neoprene Vests

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Size XS

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Size Guide:

XS - 8-15 Ibs

S - 15-30 Ibs

M - 30-60 Ibs

L - 60-80 Ibs

XL - 80 Ibs and over

Onyx Neoprene Pet Vest - 157200-100-XXX-12 (7020RED)

  1. This flotation device is designed to provide swimming endurance for your pet and security while in the water

  2. Neoprene construction for added comfort, warmth and durability

  3. Three adjustable body belts and quick release buckles for a secure fit

  4. Reflective material on handler's strap for easy recovery and nighttime visibility

Zipper closure with hook and loop cover flap

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