RSPro Hexatraction - Clear (1 square)

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RSPro has stepped up their line of skillfully engineered SUP and surf products to include HexaTraction - a non-skid alternative to wax available in Clear, Black, Camo, Candy Shop and Yellow Fluor colors. 
HexaTraction can be adapted to any stand-up paddleboard, shortboard, longboard, or kiteboard. Quick and easy installation using the template included with each kit. HexaTraction is waterproof and helps protect boards from UV exposure. Whether you surf or race - this lightweight traction gets the job done without wax.

  • Temperature independent grip and traction alternative to wax and pads.
  • No melting, no hassle, no residues, no contamination.
  • Super-easy to install modular configuration.
  • Clear for a translucent grip that doesn't cover your board graphics.
  • Better grip in cold conditions compared to others.
  • Works everywhere: epoxy, polyester and soft boards.
  • UV protection and waterproofing for your board deck.
  • Non-Aggressive to your skin.
  • Designed & manufactured in Barcelona.