Tahe Borneo Family Kayak

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The TAHE range of rigid Sit-On-Top kayaks have built their reputation on classic designs, ergonomic seating area and simple, high quality fittings.

Longer with more waterline for speed and performance as well as upgraded outfitting, they’re designed for a wide range of use beyond the shoreline. The Borneo and Java feature an innovative, integrated wheel transport system for ease of use.

BORNEO: This kayak is already a best-seller, having gained more momentum in 2016 with its exclusive features. This is a family oriented double Sit-On-Top, with a number of innovative features, notably the possibility of solo use in equal paddling comfort to double. Its innovative shape and generous dimensions give it great glide whilst retaining reassuringly comfortable stability. It’s also got a large rear section including a big flat storage area. There’s innovation in the equipment and fittings too, like the integral wheels/rollers for easy transportation.