Mike Wang, Owner

Shirley heinemann - instructor

I started paddling many moons ago as a student with UCSF's outdoor program (Outdoors Unlimited). It was a great introduction to paddlesports like kayaking, rafting, canoeing, both river and ocean, surf and flatwater. I became a volunteer instructor (after all, what better way to learn than to teach?!), then subsequently became an ACA certified ocean kayak instructor teaching out of Point Reyes. Starting a family put teaching paddling on hold for many years, but those years included many week-long river camping trips.  Now that my kids can (finally) drive, I've jumped into SUP with both feet, becoming ACA certified to teach about a year ago (after joining the race team in many local races, paddling in Croatia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and New Zealand). I love the freedom on a board, being able to stand, sit, kneel, downdog with yoga, tabletop with pilates, and even a (brief) headstand! Best part about teaching is sharing the stoke and my love of paddling, especially with my Mike's paddle family.