Glide Rental 11' Used


Glide Rental 11' Used

799.00 1,199.00


Featured in three lengths, 10', 11' and 12' the Rental is perfect for any user

Patent-pending GSS ultra durable coating is ideal for families, recreation, rental, or rough river abuse

Included with the Rental is the 9" Futures Keel fin

Flat bottom makes it easier for beginners to stand on

User friendly rails

FCS 'easy carry' handle reduces fatigue caused from carrying the board

Unique locking system that allows you to lock all boards together in a matter of seconds

Classic shape allows for fun paddling on flatwater, surf, and rivers

Deep Vee in the tail

Self regulating vent plug for maintenance free thermal venting

Full size non-slip deck pad allows for optimum traction in all conditions

USDA biomass certified Entropy resin reduces our impact on the environment and waterways.





10’33"4.5"195L29 lbs

11’34"4.75"240L32 lbs

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