Mike Wang, Owner

Zoey Heyer-Gray - instructor

Zoey has been an avid stand up paddler since 2012 and is an instructor (ACA Level 1 and 2) and member of our Paddle Tribe. She has experience with all sorts of watercraft and currently paddles a Bark Contender 12'6”, but is wondering how to squeeze a 14” board into her garage. She loves being on--and in!--the water and paddles both flatwater and the rivers near her home in Woodland.  She gets to saltwater whenever she can and has spent the last year and a half happily getting to know the SF Bay on a paddleboard.

Teaching is a great outlet for Zoey's passion for paddling and she is committed to providing students with a safe, yet challenging and FUN learning experience, whether they are beginning paddlers who are standing (or kneeling or sitting) on a board for the first time, or more experienced paddlers looking to refine their skills, add speed, and tackle more challenging conditions.