Jordan Holst

Operations Specialist

About Jordy:

Hello there. I'm Jordan, but my friends call me Jordy. And my other friends call me Jordo.
I grew up in the beautiful Lake Tahoe Area, immersed in the great year-round sports community. I've been paddling for about six or seven years, but have been taking part in athletics of all sorts my whole life. Going into college as a Track & Field athlete, I studied many things and finally fell into the EMS field. After gaining my EMT certification, I was able to follow one of my dreams of Ski Patrolling.
Here at Mike's Paddle I fill a different role. Instead of dealing with injured skiers, I deal with our injured SUPs as our head repair technician and demo fleet connoisseur.
You'll catch me training for races before work, learning the ins and outs of different boards and discovering new techniques to paddle through different conditions.
Whether it's training for a future race, touring around new islands or just doing yoga in the sunshine, there's a SUP sport for all of us.