Introducing POP SUP

Our first batch of 2022 Boards

POP SUP paddle board co

We are very picky when it comes to what boards we offer, as we will not carry anything we wouldn't paddle on. It makes it very difficult to choose which brands to carry based on price and quality concerns. On top of that, the ongoing struggle with shipping and manufacturing adds to the challenge of getting boards when our customers want them. We are super excited to start carrying POP Sup boards to solve these issues.

pop board co

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High quality and good looking: Pop Sup boards are made with whats called "Vice Construction" which uses compression mold technology. Layers of bamboo, fiberglass and kelvar compressed together bonded with epoxy resin make for an ultralight durable board.

Accessible Shapes:  Their boards all have great volume and stability (even on their 8'6" model) which make them great for cruising and fitness as well as taking in out in the surf to catch some waves. 

Great Creature Features: In our experience, a bad handle or deck pad can ruin an otherwise perfect board. All POP SUp boards have high-quality diamond EVA deck pads as well as a really nice unidirectional handle which makes a big difference when you are transporting the board to and from the water!

Pop SUP discussing their 11' Huckleberry Board:

Visit us at the Alameda shop to try it out!

We only have one of each left for sale! When they are gone we won't have any more like them until next Spring/Summer. We'd love to help find these boards some homes. Let us know if you have any more questions or if you would like to set up a demo!