SIC Bullet: The "GO TO" board

by Levi Morris

New 2021 SIC Bullet 

The "GO TO" board for Downwind or Touring

SIC bullet paddle board
SIC bullet paddle board
SIC bullet paddle board
SIC bullet paddle board

We just received an unexpected shipment of boards from SIC, which are the last boards we'll be getting before next spring (March 2022). Especially after the gnarly storm we just had, it feels like the perfect time to talk about our "go-to" board for paddling in windy and stormy conditions: The New SIC Bullet!

What makes it a "must have" board?

New Design and Materials: The Bullet has been around for a while but there were slight changes made as part of SIC's 2020 lineup overhaul. The newer design has more nose volume for less nosedive, has an entry rocker to catch smaller bumps, and is made with a lighter, stronger composite, which makes it faster and more durable than the V2 Bullet.

Room to Grow: The Bullet is a very forgiving shape for someone looking to get into downwinding but is also a fun board for skilled riders. This is a board you can get as a beginner/intermediate paddler and you'll never outgrow it. You'll always keep in your quiver for those "downwind days"!

Great for Flat Water Too:  While the Bullet really likes to play in the waves, it's also great for flat water touring due to its stability and glide. It's light and responsive compared to an all-around board and feels great to practice techniques such as pivot turns and cross-stepping. If you are limited on space or funds, this board is especially great as a "1 Board Quiver" and for anyone looking to progress their skills!

Here's a great video from a shop in Australia talking about the new version of the Bullet

Visit us at the Alameda shop to try it out!

Keep the Bullet mind if you are interested in ocean paddling and downwinding, or come and take a lesson with us! With all surf sports, there is a level of skill required depending on the conditions. Having the right gear is important, but so is knowing what to do (especially in chop)!