eFoiling: The Cutting Edge of Watersports

Watch Mike and Danilo fly on water, and read below for more about this exciting new watersport! 

image of Bayfoils Fliteboard e foil lesson


Electric foiling (eFoiling) is the exciting future of water/board sports! Some even describe it as a religious experience. Our sister company, BayFoils, offers lessons, group outings and retail of our favorite eFoil board, Fliteboard. 


A foil board is a surf board that uses an underwater hydrofoil wing instead of traditional surfboard fins. The hydrofoil wing (foil) is connected to the board via a long shaft (the mast). When the board moves forward on the water -- powered by the eFoil’s built-in propulsion system and controlled with a handheld remote -- similar to how the wings of an airplane generate lift in the air, the foil generates lift out of the water so the board and rider are flying above it! When the board clears the surface of the water, friction is reduced, allowing riders to reach higher speeds and perform tighter turns than on non-foil boards.

eFoiling is beginner friendly and you don't need to have previous board experience to do it! You just get on the board, gradually gain speed and you’ll be foiling within minutes of starting your first session. The technology is also very eco-friendly, as boards are powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries (which power the boards for up to 90 minutes), produce no emissions and create a fraction of the environment-disturbing noise of jet skis or power boats. 

image of Bayfoils Fliteboard e foil lesson