Paddling Classes

In tourist areas around the world...

… the story is always the same: you’re at a resort and you want to try SUP, so you rent from a shop where no instruction is given and the equipment is poor. No one teaches you the proper paddle stroke, so you find it difficult to control your direction or paddle against the wind. No one teaches you a proper self-rescue so you fall off and spend tons of time (and energy) just getting back on the board. You come back to the beach frustrated, exhausted, and knowing nothing more about the sport than you did before.

But at Mike’s Paddle:

We pride ourselves on providing the best, most thorough and comprehensive SUP instruction in the world. Not only do we give beginners the skills needed to master both calm and rough water, but we offer an entire suite of intermediate, advanced, and specialty classes that will open up new worlds of paddling activities for you – from touring to surfing to racing to even becoming an instructor yourself!

At Mike’s Paddle:

  • We use the best, most stable and most durable boards in the industry
  • We use light paddles so wrists and arms do not fatigue
  • We provide 2.5 hours of instruction, split between land and on water
  • Our instructor to student ratio is 1:5
  • Our instruction method is based on 20 years of experience from a combination of several certifications through PaddleFit, the American Canoe Association (ACA), the Stand Up Paddle Industry Association and the International Surf Association


Take an Intro to SUP - Level 1 class with Mike's Paddle in Alameda or Redwood City

Intro to SUP (Level 1)

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Improve your efficiency in Mike's Paddle Level 2 Speed and Turns SUP class

SUP Speed and Turns (Level 2)

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Take Mike's Paddle Level 3 Paddle in the Wind SUP class and get an introduction into touring basics

Paddle in the Wind (Level 3)

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Become a SUP instructor with Mike's Paddle through our American Canoe Association (ACA) Stand up paddleboard (SUP) instructor certification courses! Level 1 to 3 courses available

Instructor Certifications

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