Board Storage



  • 1 Board for $70/month or 2 boards for $100/month or shared spaces $50/month
  • We can accommodate boards up to 15’ long and 36” wide
  • Each slot is 12” wide, 15’ deep and 36” tall.
  • Touring boards 12’6 to 14’ are typically 7-10” thick, they can fit within one slot. These boards can fit with the fins.
  • All around boards 9’ to 12’ are typically 4-6” thick. We can fit two boards within one slot without the fins installed.


  • All paddlers must have taken a Mike's Paddle Intro to SUP class or have received instruction from another school (must show proof).
  • You can take a skills assessment, the assessment is free. If you are going to take a skills assessment, you must call ahead and reserve a time.
    • Must be able to paddle 50 yards in a straight line - can paddle on both sides
    • Must be able to stop with less than four strokes after paddling 50 yards
    • Must be able to turn the board 180 degrees with in 2 sweep strokes or less
  • All paddlers must paddle with PFD and leash if you store boards with us.
  • We will not be available in person 24 hours a day for storage issues, see shop regular hours.
  • We have locks for sale at the shop if you don’t have your own locks.